How to submit wapkiz website on Google

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How to submit wapkiz website on Google

After you've created a Wapkiz site, you should submit it to Google. Google is the most effective platform for attracting people to your website. Let's have a look at how to add your Wapkiz site to Google. Here are some quick instructions with pictures on How to add your website to Google.

Step 1 :- Go To Your Website Panel Mode.

Step 2 :- Scroll Down And Click On Submit To Google

Here Is Two Easy Methods To Submit On Google

Method 1 :- Via HTML File

Method 2 :- Via HTML Codes

First Method :- Via HTML File

Step 1 :- Click On This Link And Download HTML File

Step 2 :- Now Go Back And Click Here

Step 3 :- Click On Upload New Google Verify File

Step 4 :- Now. Click On Choose File And Select Downloaded HTML File And Click On Upload

Step 5 :- Now Go Back To Google Websmater Tool (Submit To Google) And Clear Captcha And Click On Submit


Second Method :- Via HTML Codes

Step 1 :- Click On Alternate Method And Click On HTML CODE And Copy HTML Code

Step 2 :- Go Back To Website Panel Mode And Click On Meta Header And Paste Copied HTML Code And Click On Save


Step 3 :- Now Go Back To Google Webmaster Tool (Submit To Google) And Click On Alternate Method And Click On Verify.


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