Add Pinterest Pin Tab / Show Board Pins in Facebook Business Pages

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Do you want to show your pins in your Facebook pages? Here is a simple guide for you by which you can add a clean and responsive Pinterest tab in your Facebook page. You can show your pins from newer to older way in your Facebook page from up to down. You can have also an option to show the pins associated with one of your Pinterest boards into your Pinterest tab. If you also want to add a Pinterest pin it button with counter to your Blogger blog, you can simply add it.

I have already written dozens of articles about adding other social media tab into your Facebook pages such as YouTube channel tab, and Twitter tab. Once you add Pinterest tab in your Facebook page, your fans can directly save your pins to their Pinterest boards, and also they can share it to their friends or followers. On the header of the Pinterest tab, your bio along with your Pinterest profile picture will be visible. Your fans can follow you directly from your Facebook page. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add your Pinterest pins into your Facebook page. You may view a live preview of our Pinterest Tab in My Facebook Page. Like our page to get latest tips and tricks.

Add Pinterest Pin Tab / Show Board Pins in Facebook Business Pages

Show Pinterest Pins / Board Pins in Facebook Business Page

  • Login to your Facebook account, and click here to install Pinterest Tab to Facebook page.
  • Now, click on 'Install App'.
  • Select the page in which you want to add your Google+ tab
  • Finally, click on 'Add Page Tab'.
  • Your Pinterest tab has now installed to your Facebook fan page. You need to configure your tab settings.
  • Click on 'Settings'. Type your username, and click on 'Save settings'. You may also show a particular board pins to your Facebook page by typing your Pinterest board URL e.g. shadabiitr.

  • You have successfully installed your Pinterest tab in your Facebook tab.
  • You will see advertisement on the top, but don't worry it will only be visible to Facebook page admins and it is not visible to your fans. You can see your page as your fan to confirm.

Video: How to Add Pinterest Tab in Facebook Business Page

This is a live video to demonstrate how you can install a Pinterest tab in your Facebook business pages. If you like our video, subscribe our channel. You will get fresh tips and tricks on social media.

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