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Do you want to download your friend's or anyone profile photo which is currently protected by Facebook profile picture guard? Facebook is more concern about their privacy and its user data, and currently they have launched privacy guard for profile picture since profile picture cannot be set privately, however you can make your profile picture not clickable. Anyone can see your Facebook profile picture no matter you have set it to only me. The solution for this issue is profile picture guard. Once you have added picture guard to your Facebook profile it will be covered by a blue guard. Users can see your full profile picture but they cannot download it as drag and drop function over the photo will also not work. However, there are still few ways by which you can save photos protected by profile picture guard on Facebook.

How to Save/Download Photos Protected by Profile Picture Guard

To download photos protected by profile picture guard on Facebook, you need a PC, and a browser Firefox or Chrome.

For Firefox Users,

  • Open your Firefox browser, and go to Facebook. Select a Facebook profile that has profile picture guard on it, click the profile picture to view full photo in the photo theater.
    Note: If you are not able to click on profile picture that means you are not his/her friend. Don't worry, just scroll his/her timeline and reach to profile picture guard photo, and follow the article continue.
  • Now, press Ctrl + Shift + I to open developer mode. One its open, click on the element chooser as in the following preview.

    pick an element from the page
  • If element chooser is on it will be colored blue. To make sure it is on just hover your mouse on the page you will see it will automatically select areas.
  • Now, hover your mouse on profile picture, and make sure the area selector cover full image otherwise it will not work. Once it is covered. Click on it. You will see a bunch of codes. Looks like following:

    how to download picture protected by facebook picture guard
  • You have to copy the 'src' attribute value as marked red in the above screenshot. Just double click on the link it will auto select the part, copy it and paste it to another tab and hit enter. Voila! You will see the full profile photo that you may easily download it to your desktop.
For Chrome Users,

The process is same as mention for Firefox users.

To open the developer mode, press Ctrl + Shift + I, and click on element chooser, and follow the steps as mention for Firefox users.

Video: How to Save Profile Photo Protected by Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Here is a live simple video to download any user profile photo using Facebook profile picture guard. If you like this video, subscribe our channel to get free updates!

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