How to add Custom Stats counter on Wapkiz Site

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How to add Custom Stats counter on Wapkiz Site

Hello friends, today i will tell you how to add online counter code on wapkiz website. How can you set up online user counter in your wapkiz site? For that you read this post completely. 

I will also give you the code of online counter in this post. You can set up custom stat counter by following my steps. If you have any problem then you can comment me.

Wapkiz Custom Stat Counter Code

In this post I will give you 2 codes which will show online users on your site. It will also show how many times your site was visited. The code is given below. 

We divide this process into two parts, which will make it easier for you to understand. 

Part 1: Add Stat Counter Widget on Wapkiz Website 

Now let's start how to add online counter code in wapkiz site. 

Step 1) First of all, by logging into your  web site, open your site in panel mode. 

Step 2) Then you open the footer page of your website. Click on "Item" of the footer page. 

Step 3) Now click on "Html/Tag Code" from the drop down menu. 

Step 4) A Text field like this will open in front of you. 

<table><tr><td align="center"> <b><font color="blue"> Online :</font><font color="yellow"> :on-user: </font> <a href="/page-stats.html"><font color="brown"> Who</font> <font color="lime">?</font> </a> </b></td> <td align="center"><b><font color="blue"> Total Hits:</font></b> <font color="red">:stat-counter:</font> </td></tr></table>

Step 5) First Copy the above code and paste it here, Select a class which you like and click on "OK" button. 

Now you will see in your site that Online Counter and Total Hits Code has been added. You will be able to show how many times your site has been clicked. 

Part 2: Create An Online Counter Page in Wapkiz Site 

If you also want to know on which page the user is currently active, then you must follow these steps. 

Step 1) Select the first option "Page" in the menu and click on the "GO" button. 

Step 2) Keep the page title "Stats" because the URL of the code that has been added in the footer has been added with this name. 

Step 3) Click on "Add New Page". Now a new page has been created for you.

Step 4) Now you should also manage this page. Add a code in this page which is given below. 

Step 5) Click on "Manage Pages" option of your website's admin panel where you can see the list of total pages of your site.

Step 6) Here you will click on site-stats.html, then this page will open.

Step 7) Click on Hutml/Tag Code again from the drop down list.

Step 8) Copy the code given below and paste it in this box and click on the “Ok” button.

<div align="center"><h2>..:: Online User ::..</h2></div> [online]l=10,s=:to-page:||<div class="path"><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td width="2%"><td class="9648786143" style="padding:10px 10px;"><img src="" height="80" width="80" alt="guest" /></td><td align="left" width="100%"><font color="black"> Name : </font> <font color="red"><b> %name%</b></font><br/> <font color="black"><b>IP : </b></font> <font color="#cc33cc"><b>%ip%</b></font><br/> <font color="black"><b>Browser : </b></font><font color="skyblue"><b>%browser% </b></font><br/> <font color="black"><b>Visit : </b></font><font color="orange"><b>%long% </b></font><br/> <br/> <font color="black"><b>Busy At : </b></font><font color="green"><b><a href="#"> <font color="brown"> %location%</font> </a> </b></font></td></td></tr></table></div>[/online]

Conclusion - Wapkiz Online Counter Code

In this article we learned how to add online visitor counter code in Wapkiz website. If you have any problem then you can comment me.

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