How to add Related Files code in wapkiz website

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How to add Related Files code in wapkiz website

Many people had questioned how to put the wapkiz related file code in website. So today we will talk about this. In this article, you will also find Vakiz related file code. Before inserting the code, you should read and understand this post thoroughly.

Wapkiz Related Files code

Follow the steps mentioned below to show related files in the download page of your Wapkiz website.

1) First of all, login to wapkiz website.

2) After login, go to the Manage Page > sit-download.html

3) Now click on “Items” which is next to site-download.html

4) This is the code of related files, you can add it anywhere according to you. I will suggest you that it will be good if you add it below "Music File Info".

5) Copy below code and go to the download page of your website. 

div align="center"><h2>..:: Related Downloads ::..</h2></div> [fm]d=all,o=ul,l=8,s=:to-page:,no=no file||<div class="A2"> <div class="catRow"><table><tr><td align="left" width="80" height="80"><img src="%music-thumb%" width="80" height="80" /></td><td align="left"> <a href="/page-download/%id%/%lname%"> <b>%name%</b></a><br/><br/> <font color="green"><b>file size:</b></font> <font color="black"><b>[%size%]</b></font> | <font color="blue"> <b>%hits%</b></font> <font color="red"><b>Downloads</b></font></td></tr></table> </div></div>[/fm]

6) Click on the drop down menu and click on “Html/Tag Code”. Now paste this code in the box and click on "OK" button.

By the way, you do not need to do any changes in this code, but if you want, you can do some changes. Eg:-Div class, and tumbnails.

After adding the code, refresh your website to see if the code is working properly or not. I am sure 100% code will work. 

Conclusion - Wapkiz Related File code

So today you learned how to add related file code to your site. I hope that I have explained you correctly about the related file code in this post. 

If you do not understand then you can tell me by writing your comment in the comment box.

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