How to Create 3D Cube Animation with CSS

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How to Create 3D Cube Animation with CSS

Introduction to 3D Cube Animation

3D cube animation is a type of 3D animation that uses a 3D cube as a starting point. The cube can be rotated to reveal different sides and the camera can be moved around it to show different angles.

The most common use of 3D cube animation is for product tours or in e-commerce websites for showing products on display. It can also be used for animated infographics, walking through architectural designs, and other purposes.

3D animations are used in many different fields and industries. They are often used in the marketing industry because they are able to attract the attention of consumers quickly and effectively.

What You Need to Create a 3D Cube Animation with CSS

3D animations with CSS are becoming popular for learning purposes. They are also used for various other purposes, such as presenting a product on a website.

The following steps are required to create a 3D cube animation with CSS:

  • Set up the HTML structure
  • Define the perspective
  • Create the cube
  • Add the faces
  • Define the animation

CSS 3D Box Animation Example

See the Pen

CSS 3D Cube with animation
by Olivier Destenay (@tsbits)

on CodePen.

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